Halibut Loin Steaks – 14-16 Steaks 2Kg –                        $94.00

  • Wild Alaskan Halibut Loin Steaks perfect for grilling or the bbq! Two steaks in each vacuum-sealed pack. Sold by weight.

Sockeye/Coho Salmon -Approx 10 Fillets 2.25Kg –    $89.00

  • Wild Sockeye caught in the pristine waters of Alaska. Individually vacuum-sealed.

Orange Roughy Fillets – Approx. 14 Fillets –                 $89.00

  • Imported from New Zealand. Orange Roughy is a white fish with a delicate texture, mild flavour, and is low in fat. Sold by weight. Individually quick frozen.

Red Snapper Fillets – Approx 14 -16 Fillets 2Kg –       $79.00

  • Sold by weight. Individually quick frozen.

Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks – Approx. 12-16 Pieces 2Kg $89.00

  • Sold by weight. Individually vacuum sealed in order to capture the wonderfully firm, dense, meaty flavour and texture of these Yellow Fin Tuna Steaks. They can be baked, broiled, and sautéed. Also ideal for grilling with your favorite marinade.

Atlantic Cod Loins – Approx. 25 Portions 2.27Kg –   $89.00

  • Sold by weight. Individually quick frozen.

Swordfish Steaks – 12 Pieces 2.27Kg –                            $89.00

  • Sold by weight. Individually vacuum-sealed.

Mahi Mahi Fillets – 2Kg –                                                     $79.00

  • Sold by weight. Mixed portions. Individually vacuum-sealed.

Pickerel Fillets – Approx. 24 Pieces 2.2Kg –                 $89.00

  • Sold by weight. Individually quick frozen.

Basa Fillets – 2Kg –                                                                 $69.00

  • Individually quick frozen.

Halibut Fillets – 2Kg –                                                           $99.00

  • Vacuum-sealed portions of Pacific Halibut. Beautiful!

Summer Herb Crusted Cod -13-16 Pieces 2.27Kg –   $89.00

  • A delicious Cod Filet topped with an array of toppings and seasonings including roasted garlic and lemon. Bake from frozen for 35 min. Makes a beautiful presentation.

Almond Crusted Sole – 14-16 Pieces 2.25Kg –              $79.00

  • Sole Filets seasoned on top with slivered almonds, lemon and chives. Just bake from frozen. Easy!

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